Dig it, you crazy cats and kittens. You have entered the Indie Café, where the underground is given the floor. You know, sometimes we want to chill out with some games that give you something the Dragon Ages and Elder Scrolls of the world can’t deliver. So we got your art house games, your retro titles, and anything else made without the man’s oversight available for you to groove and sink in to. So pull up a chair and lend your ear for these cool characters from the down low.

You like being the good guy? The one who works tirelessly and with no ulterior motive, selfless in their ambition to help out others? The one who saves humanity from some overbearing threat and is rewarded with applause and prestige? You do? WHY!? They’re always getting walked all over on. Trained lap dogs that run out to fulfill anyone’s request without question is what they are. Don’t you know the villains always have more fun? They do whatever they want, consequences be damned. They ARE the consequences! Be the bad guy like you’ve always wanted to be in EvilQuest from Chaosoft Games.

You play as Galvis, who is a dark knight determined to gain ultimate power and rule the world. As you play, you’ll defeat big bosses, backstab anyone foolish enough to assist you along the way, and gather more abilities and items. The game plays like an old school action RPG with improvements in the controls that newer consoles provide. Those of you who are familiar with titles like Ys I & II as well as the little known cult classic Crystalis on the NES will be right at home.

The graphical style is also sports a retro look, resembling a Turbo Grafx-16 level of graphics and sound. There are numerous towns and dungeons for you to go through and because this is an RPG, there are weapons, armor, accessories, and magic to equip and find. You will level up as well and you can manually attribute skill points to your individual statistics. You even have a charged weapon ability similar to the one found in the aforementioned Crystalis. Developer Chaosoft Games consists of Forrest McCorkle, Josh Ferguson, and Michael Hogan. Yes, the entire company is comprised of only three people, one of which joined the team during the development of EvilQuest. While they all have other jobs, they came together to make this game and company. Points or $1 and also on Desura and Indievania for $1.99 but the game is currently up on Steam’s Greenlight initiative trying to be approved. So check out the game and give it a thumbs up so more people can play it via Steam. Can you snap your fingers to celebrate the wonders of the little known game deserving of undercover fame? Step into the Indie Café every week to hear about the best of independently made video games. If you know about a groovy but little known title made by an independent studio, drop us a comment below!

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