Guild Wars 2 is still being called the best MMO RPG that has been made in years and with the holidays right around the corner, WintersDay is coming to Tyria. This is a time where most MMO games take advantage of the festive time and add time to take part in mini games and festivities to earn cosmetic rewards. The funny thing is that Guild Wars 2 is having a different approach to this holiday event in
that “the nights are long and dark but the citizens of Tyria are doing everything they can to stay jolly
and keep the festive feeling”. There are several things to do in Guild Wars 2 during the holidays and it actually started yesterday so log on and check out all the events happening.

First of all, everyone should be trying their hardest to make sure that they catch the Wondrous
Workshop of Toymaker Tixx. There are mini pets, cosmetic rewards, and a bunch of achievements
to be earned by taking place in the many events available. Toymaker Tixx will be settling down in
Lion’s Arch this year but will be stopping in every major city to give toys and treats to those that
visit his workshop. From events like snowball fights in the form of a PvP match, to a jumping puzzle known as “winter wonderland”, there is something to do for everybody in this event and if
keeps making events as big as they are, they will never have to worry about another expansion for
as long as this game lives.

There are new items in the gem store and gifts that you can buy and mail to
your friends if you wish or if you’ve been saving you gems for some Guild Wars 2 Christmas shopping. This is an amazing event and it’s already kicked off so get out there and find the Toymaker guys.

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