Borderlands successfully blended first person shooter action with RPG leveling, and skill upgrades with
an MMO looting and quest system. The game was expansive, have engaging gameplay and quite frankly, not enough good things can be said about the game. Gamers agreed and the game went on to sell three million copies in the first five months after its release.

Earlier this week, Gearbox Software announced that a sequel was in the works anything about the game yet. What we do know is that the game will take plac in Pandora again, the world from the first game,
and will feature new characters, upgrades, and weapons. Gearbox is also promising a well crafted story, which was lacking in the first game.

This is easily one of my most anticipated titles of next year. From a personal standpoint, this is quite a change from the first game. I wasn’t anticipating the first game at all because I thought all the weapons they were promising would just be same with small tweaks. However, I bought it as an impulse buy after Christmas of that year after hearing all the good press and reviews. Best Impulse Buy Ever! The
gameplay is addicting to this day. I wish I could afford to get the Game of the Year edition on Steam.

Nonetheless, I want to know what you thing about a new Borderlands game. Are you for it or against it? How do you feel about a sequel to a game three years later? Let’s talk about Borderlands in the
comments below and let me know your opinion!

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