Diablo III was a highly anticipated release last year which saw gamers once again jumping into the
fight against all kinds of demons and monsters on both marked the return of a wildly addictive loot
based RPG. Diablo III to date has sold oaver 14 million copies. While a majority of these sales
certainly come from the PC version, Blizzard did note that it_was_‘pleased’_with_the

With that said, Blizzard still has more plans for the successful title also announcing that Diablo III
will be released on the Playstation 4 and there is an upcoming expansion set for release as well.
Both are expected to release next year. Unfortunately for Xbox One owners, Blizzard has only
mentioned the next generation port for Playstation. There are currently no plans to bring Diablo III
to Xbox One.

While the Playstation fan boys rejoice, they will all be happy to know that Blizzard also plans to not
rest on the success of their current title in porting it over to_the_Playstation_4. They plan to add all
new exclusive features to the next-gen version as well as enabling players to import their
characters from their Playstation 3 version.

“The Diablo 3 team has actually just received the new console generation development kits, so the translation to those platforms is yet to be done. They really like the features on the PS4 controller
and want to try and do something cool with the trackpad and share button,” noted DiabloFans,
following an interview with the game’s developers. “Diablo 3 will not be a launch date title for
the next

Thanks to a lack of an ‘online requirement’, better loot balance, and improved inventory
management, the console versions are seemingly the way to go. It will be interesting to see
whether these additions and the exclusive features boost Diablo III’s sales numbers respectably
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