RPG Circus Season 2 Episode 17 - Calling the Strange

Welcome to Season 2 Episode 17 of RPG Circus

Episode Topics

  • Dealing with the Strange and Unusual in your game.
  • Review Thousand Suns

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Joe's picture

Dungeonographer 2 map views

Thanks for the mention!

But I did want to correct you... The two map views but one map feature is in Dungeonographer now and it has been for a while. (Although until a few days ago it was a little harder to find.) It was on the "Options" menu, but now it is just below the map: look for radio buttons "Line Art/Classic" and "Semi-realistic/battlemat." Toggle those to switch modes.

This feature is hopefully perfect for giving the GM a simple map to keep on one page (per dungeon level) and make 1"/square battlemats with semi-realistic scenery. To do that, go to the "File" menu and choose to print the map or print an area of the map. A prompt will appear telling you to mark the area you want to print (if only printing an area) and options for setting the size of the squares and the quality/dpi. It will automatically span multiple pages if needed.

Jeff's picture


Thanks for the correction. I will be sure to mention that next episode.

Andrew's picture

"ultimate 2" and non-human races

Hi guys,

Jeff - it was great to meet you back in July & thanks for the mention on the cast.

Just part-way through listening to the latest: I smiled at the irony of calling a product "the Ultimate GM's Screen II" (Ultimate = last in a series)

A thought about discouraging non-human races: Dwarves and Elves are normally much longer-lived than humans. Does that mean that they take longer to learn skills? What about a scaling factor for experience points (or equivalent progression scheme for your favorite system)? "that's 100xps for all of you, except Snorri, who gets 10 dwarven xps"

All the best


Jeff's picture


Thanks Andrew - I didn't even think about the irony of the product name.

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Non-human races

I am an 'old man' gamer. I've been gaming since 1978. But I love non-human races. Always have. I have also always hated level limits of any kind based on race. It's pure dumb. If you want to limit race access, just tell your players up front what races are allowed. Plain & simple.

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