GenCon 2010 GMs Jam

After a long hard fight. Here is the video from the GenCon 2010, GMs Jam.

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Sounds is a bit quiet but apart from that, I'm thrilled to see my favourite bloggers and podcasters on a single panel. Huzzah!

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@Rob - Thanks. There a few thing I need to do, if we recorded it again next year. 1) remember my tripod. I forgot to bring it at the last minute. 2) Remember A/C power adapter and extension cable. Having the camera die was a bad thing. I'm just glad Michael we recording as well. 3) Better Mic. I really need to do something about that.

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By the way, I just posted my

By the way, I just posted my recording of the seminar as well.

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Cool, when we have the show this week, I'll be sure to include that link in the show notes.

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