Season 2 Episode 9 - And the Rumors Have It!

Welcome to Season 2 Episode 9 of RPG Circus

Episode Topics

  • Using Rumors in Your Game
  • Running Mini-Campaigns
  • Using a Book as your Game Setting

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Capitalism is the purist form of democracy????

Most believers in pure or direct democracy would say, “Capitalism is the purist form of democracy, you vote with your wallet” is another form of capitalist propaganda. This is since democrats would argue that unlike pure democracy where each man gets one vote and no man’s vote is worth more than another man’s vote, capitalism favors the holders of most wealth. If one is aware, they can see many examples of this in modern society. Capitalist money holders work against the representative democracy in the United States by using their money to hire lobbyists, payoff politicians and spread propaganda. One could even argue, “Capitalism is the bane of democracy, where the rich sway the vote with their wallet to make them richer!”

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Well, great, guys. Now we're

Well, great, guys. Now we're in the middle of class warfare. I hope you're happy. :)

Zachary Houghton's last blog post... Helping VulcanStev

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Book Setting I'd like to see

Your talk of book settings you'd like to see as campaign settings reminds me of a couple years back when I had just finished The Dark Tower series by Stephen King. I would LOVE to see a gunslinger campaign set in Roland's fading world. King described just enough of that world to cover the basics without giving too much for a 'canonista' to hang his hat on. I think Dogs in the Vineyard would handle a campaign (or mini-campaign) like this very well.

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From what I've heard about

From what I've heard about the Dark Tower series, Dogs would work great.

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There will always be powerful

There will always be powerful people and there will always be people who complain about the powerful. Propaganda is just another word for advertising and will always exist. Either the powerful businessmen will control advertising or the powerful politicians will control it.

There will never be a mode of government that favors the weak. Government only exists because people are selfish, and is always run by selfish people. Should a 'pro-weak' goverment ever come into being, it will quickly be taken over from the inside by either politicians (including militarists) or private business. It will then be made to serve the strong.

So pick one. You can support a small government/big business outlook (where business needs no goverment approval and gets big)or support a big government/big business outlook (where only big business can afford to buy government favor and legitimacy). I choose small government because then I have one less master to serve.

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West End Games DC Universe RPG

There was a Mayfair DC Hereos RPG, however Mark was right. The last DC Comics RPG was the West End Games DC Universe RPG which was published in 1999. It even had special DC Hero dice you could get to use with the game.

RPG Net Entry

At GeekDo

Of course this does not count the DC Comics related Smallville RPG that is coming out soon by Margaret Weis Productions:

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Come to think of it, I

Come to think of it, I suspect Pelgrane Press's Dying Earth RPG would work well too for a Dark Tower setting.

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