RPG Circus Season 2 Episode 7 - Lawful Good or Lawful Stupid?

Welcome to Season 2 Episode 7 of RPG Circus

This week, we have a special guest host, Jeff from Jeff's Gameblog.
Episode Topics

  • We discuss the use of Alignments
  • How to make modules your own
  • What Gaming Supplements influenced your gaming

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Jeff T.'s picture

Nice Work!


Long-time listener, first time commenter. I thought the last two shows have been among your best. It clearly helps to have Zach/Zack back and part of the show. He's charismatic and passionate (you all are, but he gets very animated, right?) It's best when guys keep things loose and moving.

Good job, and best of luck--I saw you posted for the ENnies!


(Another!) Jeff

PS--Anxiously waiting to hear about Warhammer Fantasy! I'm scared to take the plunge for that many GP. :)

Jeff's picture


Thanks, we will see what happens about the Ennies. As of right now, there are only four podcasts listed. This usually means that the category will be merged with something else. Historically, they needs to about 8 to 9 submissions for a category to happen. Then from that group usually five are selected as nominees.

Yes, it will be interesting to see what Mark has to say about Warhammer.

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