RPG Circus Season 2 Episode 6 - Why is Everyone Loners in Black?

Welcome to Season 2 Episode 6 of RPG Circus

Episode Topics

  • The Perils of the Gamemaster PC
  • Interpersonal Relations between PCs and NPCs (and other PCs)
  • Virtual Desktops

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Virtual Tables

Neat show.

I just wanted to comment on the Virtual Tabletops part of the podcast. I've used several of them, but have always disliked how much work they can be just to create a map. They typically require you go out and find your own images and tile-sets to upload into the program, which can be a headache for all but the most hardcore DMs.

That changed when, a couple years ago, I stumbled upon the Java-based software, Gametable. What makes this software so unique is that it tries to perfectly emulate a vinyl/erasable mat rather than requiring you to upload static image templates. So with this program you can draw lines, circles, colors, etc similar to MS Paint. The space it gives you is unlimited, so it is very possible to keep your entire campaign inside of one huge vinyl mat with no need to swap out files. It features some really nice features such as the ability to hide part of the map from your players so you can have the entire thing drawn out and reveal only pieces at a time.

Anyway, I still use this particular software when gaming online and it actually saves me more time than offline gaming. I'm coincidentally using it to start a World's Largest Dungeon group using Pathfinder over at En World right now.

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@Lumin - thanks for the comment.

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Thanks for answering my

Thanks for answering my question! By the way, a moomintroll is as Wikipedia describes "a little white troll with a hippopotamus-like big round nose." (Great books for young kids by the way.)

As for the new music: love it.

Looking forward to the Warhammer rpg review.

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@Moomintroll - Your quite welcome. Glad you like the new music. So far all the comments that we have recieved have been positive. As long as Mark doesn't have a conflict, he plans on doing a review of Warhammer next episode. If he does, you should see a review as soon we can get it on.

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