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Welcome to Season 1 Episode 13 of RPG Circus
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  • Best and Worst of RPGs in 2009

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Printing PDFs

I bought a Brother duplex laser printer for $180. It does double sided copies quickly and has a wireless connection. Toner cartridges can print up to 8000 pages. Staples will bind documents for $3.49, up to 20mm thick. Which works out to around 175 double sided pages or a 350 page PDF. I have been printing up at least one such document a week and getting them bound. Here are some free suggestions:



Tome of Horrors Dire Animals
Necromancer Games

3_5 Living Death Sourcebook (Masque of the Red Death)

The City-state of Draj


Life-shaping Handbook

Cerulean Seas Underwater campaign
(I can’t find this site any longer. If you want a copy, contact me.)


The Tomes

C3e Prestige Classes

Ink & Quill

Encyclopedia of Lifeforms (elmm003c)
From the DnD Community Council which now appears defunct. Contact me.

SHADOWLANDS by Jagged Edge Games (pdf_book_shadowlands_core)
Can’t find this site either.

Cyd20 Project (D20 Modern Cyberpunk setting)

Pheonix Project (D20 Modern supers setting)

D20 Modern Terminator conversion

Alternity Dragonstar

Savage Worlds Fan Conversions

Anime D20 System

JAGS Revised

M&M Villains!.pdf

Witchcraft Core Book


Fear RPG

Rifts D20 Conversion


Violence RPG

GW5 Rapture of the Deep

Secrets of the Ancients (Gamma World)
Star Frontiers

Exiles (Aquatic Post-Apocalyptic Game)

Mutant Future ('Old School' Post-Apocalyptic Game)

Mutant Manual II

Labyrinth Lord ('Old School' fantasy RPG)

I have done reviews of some of these documents on my YouTube channel.

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I have no idea what we are talking about yet, since I just downloaded the episode. But, I have been looking for such a printer and would love to know what model it is. Brother something, you say?

Andreas Davour's picture

...and if someone knows that

...and if someone knows that printer and have experiences using it with Linux, feel free to say so!

Andreas Davour's last blog post... What use is art anyway?

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