Season 1 Episode 10 - Boo!, It's Halloween

Welcome to Season 1 Episode 10 of RPG Circus

Episode Topics

  • Using Halloween Tropes in your RPG Games
  • Running a Horror RPG
  • Mood Music In RPG's

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Great episode! Horror and


Great episode! Horror and music in games are two of my favorite topics, so please let me post a few links here. I hope, you don't mind.

If you want to read all my music in roleplaying posts, check out this link:

Stargazer's last blog post... Lazy Friday Video Post: The D&D Song

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I don't mind out all. The

I don't mind at all. The more links the merry.

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Another fine episode


I found the inclusion of TV Tropes in the discussion very interesting. It's a great resource for a referee as well as the just plain curious.

I have to checkout Black Aria now, I haven't listened to Danzig in years, but this sounds intriguing.

I thought this list about music during play from Zak S. was very inspired.
(Mature Content Warning)

darthmike's last blog post... So thats who does all those wicked logos

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nice episode, but no UA!?


I enjoyed your discussion about horror gaming and I think you covered almost all of the approaches to horror gaming. However, it appears that none of you have had the privilege of playing in an Unknown Armies game. What Unknown Armies did was explore an aspect of horror that is excellent for a long-term campaign and that is psychological horror where your characters may actually be responsible for the terrible deeds. It's tagline is "You did it." and it gets you into some messed up, very disturbing situations. I agree that the "pure horror" type game where you are constantly freaked out is impossible to sustain beyond a session (or really even a part of a session). What UA does is creep you out, deeply and it gets worse and worse as the campaign goes on. Good stuff!

Another excellent horror game that I forgive you for not knowing about because it is quite new is Slasher Flick. This game is specifically designed to emulate the genre of its title. Players get several characters and you are actually encouraged to get some of them killed. Tons of fun with neat pacing mechanics built in to the system to ensure you always end up with only a few survivors and a final showdown with the psycho. Definitely check this game out.

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Speaking of music that works for playing RPGs, here's a couple I use: 24 hours of streaming fantasy music. Very nice for gaming. I started a station using "Carter Burwell" and from that you can get some very nice, "non-Intellectual Property-esque" music.

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great podcast

great podcast

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@Hugh - Glad you enjoyed the Podcast. Be sure to tune into the next one. We will have the guys from Crafty Games on.

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