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Hi Guys,

I noticed that you have Comment Luv enabled on the blog, are you signed up with their affiliate program?

just curious.

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Commnetluv is a nice feature to have on a website. I can understand the need to try and tie things together. Mostly, I find Commentluv a nice way to give back to the commenter. They spent time to leave a comment and in return we link to their last post.

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We are not current doing so.

We are not current doing so. BTW, sorry for the lag in the reply. Sort of forgot I had the forums enabled.

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I'm just trying to get an

I'm just trying to get an idea of how to tie everything together comment luv being just one aspect of doing that. No problem about the lag, I thought I might give it a shot and get something going since I saw the forums were up. Consider these test posts. :)

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