New Website Look and Feel

Here at the RPG Circus, we happy to announce a revision to the website. In addition, we added some new features to the website as well.

Let's go over what's new

• Ability to rate posts and podcasts - With each post you will notice stars. You can give each post star ratings. As we are not sure how well this will work, we are going to play a wait and see game.

• Forums - We setup some simple forums. If you want more categories, please let us know.

• Blogging Posts - Since we can't talk about everything we want sometimes on the Podcast, we were thinking that if we have something we want to go real "in depth" with, we can now post a blog entry for it. Right now there is nothing listed, but please check back as we will be posting some in the near future.

• New Banner Graphic - You likely noticed it, but just in case, we have a new banner graphic for the website. We hope you like it.

There will be more additions, but it will take time to get them setup correctly.

As usual, please let us know what you think.

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Joe's picture

Nice Design

Hi Guys,

I've really been enjoying your podcast! It is amazing how quickly you guys meshed during the creation of the show and in the last couple of episodes you really are working together nicely. I can't comment on the redesign as much, since this is my first stop to the site. However I will note it seems that the original feed URL that I subscribed to in itunes has been relocated as part of the redesign. I did find out that simply resubscribing to RPG circus created a new subscription and started downloaded, however it might be something you want to mention on the website, so that users understand that they need to resubscribe to get the new podcasts.

Anyway keep up the good work!

Jeff's picture

Thanks for the information. I

Thanks for the information. I know that I had tested it and it shouldn't have done that since, the iTunes feed is a Feed Burner Feed and not a feed off this website.

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