Season 1 Episode 3 - On the High Wire

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Another good episode! I had

Another good episode! I had not heard of some of those companies, but I'll be checking them out.

Thought the Chatty DM was a great host, and the show was a fun listen! Keep up the great work guys!

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Thanks for the mention

Thanks for the mention guys!

Bill from HinterWelt

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@Bill Corrie - Our pleasure!

@Bill Corrie - Our pleasure!

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@Andrew - It's one of the

@Andrew - It's one of the things about RPG, there are a lot of good and interesting products out there that just don't get as much exposure as some of the "BIG" players. I'm glad that Zach brought them forward. I also hadn't heard of some of them.

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Glad to have been of service!

Glad to have been of service! There's others, such as Rogue Games, that I wish I'd had time to mention...some other episode, perhaps!

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Great episode, guys. You're

Great episode, guys. You're really starting to develop a nice show here. I thought you did a great job of sharing the mic, which brought 4 interesting perspectives to each segment. All 4 segments were interesting and varied one from the other so that it was a rich and entertaining show overall. Chatty was a great guest host, saying the right thing at the right time and then dropping some real knowledge during his segment. Awesome work on the Dr. Naismith Canada-check!

This show wasn't a home run, but it was a solid double, possibly a triple. Great work.

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Zach - It would be a neat

Zach - It would be a neat regular segment. Some sort of spotlight or such. Just a thought.


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walkerp: My baseball coach

walkerp: My baseball coach used to say you start hitting home runs when you stop trying to hit home runs. But if we can get a solid double or triple out there this early in, I'm pleased as can be.

Bill: Not a bad idea! I'm not sure we have room in our current format for it, but we've been talking about doing some "sideshow" episodes. I'd love to do a few at some point the body of work from certain small press companies--get a chance to get more in-depth with it. We'll see!
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Wow. zachary! Thanks for the

Wow. zachary! Thanks for the nod! That was very cool! being mentioned in the same podcast as Hinterwelt, Precis Intermedia, and Dark Matter was a thrill! :D


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Thanks for mentioning the

Thanks for mentioning the Labs & Nevermet Press! Keep up the good work guys.


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RE: Who to vote for, Critical

RE: Who to vote for, Critical Hits or MadBrewLabs: Remember that you can vote someone for first place and someone for second. There is a Gold ENnie and a Silver ENnie winner. :)

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It was a blast participating

It was a blast participating in this show and I hope I'll get another invite in the near future. It's not like I ever run out of things to say :D

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@Chatty DM - Well, your

@Chatty DM - Well, your always welcome to join as. Speaking for myself, I have a blast doing the show myself.

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I've just finished listening

I've just finished listening to your podcast for the first time and I really enjoyed it. A good mix of topics and well produced.

Many thanks for mentioning 6d6's writing competition. It is much appreciated. The first results of the competition are coming out any day now and the July 2009 winner will be announced very soon.

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@Chris Tregenza - It was our

@Chris Tregenza - It was our pleasure to mention it. To be honest, you should be thanking ChattyDM it was his topic and I believe he brought it up. Can't wait to hear about the winner for July 2009.

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I am playing RPG Circus at my

I am playing RPG Circus at my job! Its awesome!

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i love the show. loose the

i love the show. loose the lame "big top" introductions. we know the theme, those "big top" transitions are really spotty. you three have great radio voices and doing something to jack with that just doesn't fly well.


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Don't forget that the Point


Don't forget that the Point Descriptive Qualities system is also used in Ninja Burger!

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