Season 1 Episode 2 - And the Savage Beasts

Welcome to Season 1 Episode 2 of RPG Circus

This episode

  • We get "Savage" talking about Savage Worlds
  • We discuss is DnD a product of the Midwest?
  • We argue, Are we making published adventures incorrectly?

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-Andrew-'s picture

Nice work. You guys are

Nice work. You guys are quickly becoming one of my favorite RPG podcasts (in only 2eps!). You have a good chemistry. The only thing I'd say is watch the time on some of your segmets. Big Savage Worlds fan, but I think it went a little too long--not that it wasn't very informative, just seemed like there were some lags. I hate to nitpick on what was otherwise a great episode all around.

bonemaster's picture

@Andrew - you hit on the real

@Andrew - you hit on the real trick with podcasting, trying to keep things tight. Sometime as you pointed out some of the segments might go over a bit. We will see what we can do about that in future podcasts. I am glad that you are enjoying the show. I can only speak for myself, but I've found podcasting to be a real joy to do, even with all the prep work and post editing work that has to be done.

walkerp's picture

Great work on the 2nd

Great work on the 2nd episode. You guys are slowly starting to pick up steam. I really enjoy the overall structure and circus metaphor of the show. It's clever and funny, but also creates strong and clear expectations. I wouldn't mind a bit more back and forth. You don't always have to agree with one another.
One criticism I have is that in your news section, it doesn't sound like anyone has prepared or is in much command of the material. If you're going to tell us about the one page dungeon contest, please do some research ahead of time. You were very unsure sounding about some of the information. For instance, there will be two pdf's released. one with all the winners that will have a cover and be nicely laid out and another that will be more simply produced, but will have every single entry. This is basic info that you could have found by going over to Chatty's site. There are three of you and I'd say that at least two of you should be totally up on the info in a given newspiece. One to ask questions and the other two to answer them.

I appreciate you taking a look at Savage Worlds and introducing it to listeners who may only have played WotC products. I thought you gave it a nice, brief overview. I have one comment to make about the joker in initiative, but I'll try and leave you a voicemail.

I love the idea that a regional culture informed the early days of D&D. I think we could expand on this a bit in the future. What's going on with 4e? Has it lost the

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@walker: nail on the head in

@walker: nail on the head in regards to news portion, pal. We'll try to do better. Thanks for the constructive criticism, and thanks for listening! I hope you do manage to leave a VM, as well--we'd love to hear it! How's things going with the RPG Haven podcast, btw? It was a good first episode...

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@walker - I'm glad you

@walker - I'm glad you enjoyed the show. Yes, reading the list of winners was a bit of fumble on my part. I had the list and looked over it, but you are correct. I didn't have as much command of the material as I should have. We will try to do better next time.

We did receive your voice mail, expect to hear it as part of the next episode.

Again, thanks for listening and we look forward to additional feedback from you and all of our listeners.

talmerian's picture I am listening I have I am listening I have to comment on the Dragonlance animated movie. I actually sent a letter to the producer while it was in pre-production. Unfortunately, it is as though he used my letter explaining what I expected to be wrong as a damn guide to making the disappointing.

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76 Patrons

The votes have been counted, and we have a winner for the 76 Patrons contest!

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RE: 76 Patrons

Very Cool to hear.

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76 Patrons again

A new 76 Patrons contest has started at the Zhodani Base.

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