Season 1 Episode 1 - Putting up the Tent

Welcome to the first episode of the RPG Circus.

This episode

  • We talk about Robertson Games's proposal of a new gaming term, "Neoclassical" and how it may or not may not apply to gaming.
  • We review the reaction of FreeRPG Day at Mark's local game store.
  • We ponder Palladium Books.

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Stuart's picture

I guess I better listen to

I guess I better listen to the episode! :)

dar's picture

Got it and started listening

Got it and started listening this morning. Sound is great, thanks guys!

bonemaster's picture

@Dar - Glad you think it

@Dar - Glad you think it sounds good. Let us know what you think of the content after you have listened to it. Feel free to leave us a voice mail as well.

Mad Brew's picture

Awesome being able to place

Awesome being able to place voices to some names!

I think you write offRPG theory too quickly. Though in the past much of the theory has been created to validate one's own method of designing games, I think legitimate RPG theory brings 2 very important things to the table.

1) If the theory has clearly defined elements, and it is clear that a discussion is using those definitions, it gives the people involved in a discussion of a game common ground; it reduces (because humans are still involved here) any miscommunication caused by the ambiguity of terms.

2) Sound theory should help designers tailor games for their target audience, thus making it fun. It also helps create reasonable expectations for a game.

What might be interesting is if you post a list of topics for your next cast at the end of the current one (after show links), that way people can chime in with questions/comments that you could incorporate during the actual cast (as opposed to just responding afterwards).

bonemaster's picture

@Mad Brew - We will look into

@Mad Brew - We will look into the idea of posting topics sometime prior to recording. I'm not sure how feasible that may be , but I like the idea of doing if possible.

Yes, RPG Theory is important. I just don't try to get bogged down by it.

BTW - If you ever want to come on the show and give us a rundown on how you see RPG Theory, I think we would be more than happy to have you on.

Zachary's picture

@MadBrew: I can't speak for

@MadBrew: I can't speak for everyone, but I believe we were referring to the past body of theory, which has a reputation as obtuse, confusing, pigeonholing, and divisive. I know some people still get something out of it, and I think that's awesome. Personally, I don't, but I certainly don't hate all gaming theory or anything.

But, hey, if you have something newer out there that works for you, bring it on the show. We'd absolutely love to have you!

@ Dar: Thanks for listening! Tell your friends. :)

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I listened to your first

I listened to your first episode on my walk this evening. I like the shtick - nice idea. I also like that you take three topics and talk about them in short order, then move on to something else. I'm looking forward to your next episode.

bonemaster's picture

@Ed Healy - Thank you for the

@Ed Healy - Thank you for the kind words. I hope we don't disappoint you with our next episode.

Zachary's picture

...which we are already

...which we are already working on! Feel free to leave us a voice mail or email if there's something you'd like to comment on! You, too, can be an act in the Circus! :)

Mark's picture

Wow, these are some great

Wow, these are some great comments!
Thanks everybody, for letting us know what you think! We're always looking at makin this better!

Renae's picture

I just subscribed to

I just subscribed to RPGCircus through iTunes. Can't wait to get it on my iPod. I'm also following you via your Facebook fan page.

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Hi, crew! Downloaded your

Hi, crew! Downloaded your first two episodes from iTunes, and really enjoyed listening!
A thoughts on your first ep, related to the Southwest (since one of your ringmasters is from Phoenix, and I'm down in Bisbee, AZ)
RE: the difference between using internet and BBS for keeping in contact with local gamers - There's a group that focuses on connecting gamers in Southern Arizona (SAGA). They run a monthly RPG day (free to the public) in Tucson, and another board/card game day at the same site. ( They are really focused on bringing local gamers together. ( is also a really neat resource for connecting with nearby gamers as well. The Tucson RPG guild uses it to try to bring in gamers from all over Southern Arizona for their activities and events. -

Thanks, and I look forward to listening to more episodes! Hopefully we'll bump into each other at GenCon!

~jess hartley

Mountzionryan's picture

Just listened to the first

Just listened to the first show, the other 3 are queued up and ready to go. Nice job, a bit rambly, but I'm interested in where you are going. I also like the 'Circus' schtick.

I believe Zach mentioned the Silent Majority of gamers that are not Web Junkies. I aim to explore this very topic in an ongoing series on the RPG Haven podcast.

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