Off Until the Year 2018!

For those that don't know I have recently semi-moved. The new house requires a bunch of work before we get to move everything over. Which means that while the new place has Internet Access, I still don't have all my computers and my recording studio setup and available to record a podcast. Which when you couple that with the Christmas holidays, I will not be able to record anything new until likely the middle of the new year.

We only got 22 Episodes out this year but I think they were good episodes. Hell, it's hard to believe that we been recording for 9 years. When we pick up in the New Year, we will start Season 10, which is amazing. Personally, I expected originally that I was only going to be doing this a few years and then I'd get bored (or tired) and stop. While that hasn't happened yet. Still the hardest thing about doing the episodes (besides the time needed to set aside to record) is coming up with topics. I'd love to hear from people to find out what they would like us to debate. As always, I'd even love for new people to come onto the show and talk with us. So if you have a topic and/or you want to come on and guest host with us in the new year, please feel free to contact us.

With that, I'd like to wish everyone a safe holiday season, which means don't do anything I'd do!

- Jeff

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