Season 1 Episode 8 - Kung Fu or No KungFu

Welcome to Season 1 Episode 8 of RPG Circus Topic
  • Using a Virtual Table to play a game
  • What we are currently doing in our current games
  • What is your least favorite and favorite classes in DnD
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Another great podcast guys,

Another great podcast guys, audio comment pending(when I get my act together)

*I think I posted this comment twice, here and somewhere else-sorry

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Glad you like the podcast.

Glad you like the podcast. Remember audio comments can be as easy as dialing our toll free line if your in the US or you can use Skype which will connect you to our toll-free line if your outside the US. Remember, you can always email us as well.

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Bard Games

I think I own all of bard Games original books in 1st editions. I even saw one in a used bin at a store recently.

Tetsubo's last blog post... The Xeno Chronicles Book Review

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