Season 1 Episode 7 - We Put a Hex on You

Welcome to Season 1 Episode 7 of RPG Circus


  • We talk about Hexographer
  • Gaming with Significant Others
  • Interview with Micah from Obsidian Portal

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Hugh's picture

Another great podcast

Another great podcast guys.
Our gaming group uses Obsidian portal a little bit and I’ve found it pretty good over all. One little thing, in the news section you mentioned something about Goodman games and reviews without actually spelling out the issue-I’m assuming it’s the Goodman tweet calling some reviewers idiots that review a game module without playing it first?
Just a minor thing, looking forward to the next episode

Andreas Davour's picture

I don't know how Joe Goodman

I don't know how Joe Goodman have presented it, but he did act like a total tool when someone dared to write a review that basically said that the writer hadn't done their homework. Personally I'm not buying Goodman again.

Joe Wetzel's picture

Thanks so much for reviewing

Thanks so much for reviewing Hexographer and giving it your "highest recommendation."
Upcoming new features will include a map key wizard, a semi-realistic terrain set for battlemats, a way to add buildings silhouettes (also for battlemats), and a way to show terrain elevations. I'll keep you posted when those are ready.

Re: Slow Java: You pointed out that Hexographer runs nice and quick, but that isn't always the case with Java. My point of view is that Java gets a bad rap for this issue because it was slow 10 years ago, and those first impressions still color the perception. Java's UI infrastructure has been improved several times since then. Also, some may be slow because there are always many "beginner" Java programmers since it is a first language for many. These people may not know how to properly write Java UI code. As you mention, if something is written by one person who knows how to do write it properly, Java's UI can usually perform well, but if you have a team usually one of those people doesn't know how to write it properly and that causes issues.

bonemaster's picture

@Hugh - Your right, we did

@Hugh - Your right, we did forget to the actual issue. I think I simply forgot about it since I included the link in the show notes. Sorry about that.

@Andreas Davor - I wouldn't go that far and I say I wouldn't be buy Goodman Products again. I can only say they are not making the products I want right now.

@Joe Wetzel - Thanks, keep us posted and we will be more than happy to re-review when you add those features. I think I run into to too many "beginner"/bad Java programmers in the wild.

Andreas Davour's picture

Well, if it only was this.

Well, if it only was this. But Joe Goodman managed to come across like a complete twit earlier as well, when he fairly condescendingly told people how he consider the the state of the hobby to be, with secret sources. That, and reacting like he did from a honest review make him come across as someone I wouldn't like to buy a used car from...
.-= Andreas Davour´s last blog ..Miniature wargaming, roleplaying and me =-.

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