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Welcome to Season 1 Episode 6 of RPG Circus Due to the Labor Day Weekend, We are releasing this episode a bit earlier than usual. Topics
  • What do want out of a game company?
  • Interview with Michael Shorten of Old Guy RPG Blog
  • Online Gaming Resources
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Darvus's picture

Slight correction, Dragon Age

Slight correction, Dragon Age is not an MMO, single player only.

bonemaster's picture

Thank you for that

Thank you for that correction.

Hugh's picture

Another enjoyable

Another enjoyable podcast,pineapple had his 2 cents worth which I found amusing.
A strong online community cant be underestimated as far as I'm concerned,the 4e community has been awesome for info and advice for a relatively new player such as myself.
Looking forward to the next episode

Alex Schroeder's picture

Heh. I was surprised to

Heh. I was surprised to discover that the Labyrinth Lord link actually points to a blog post of mine. Thanks. :)

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